Autism FAQs

Autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are general medical terms that describe a range of neurodevelopmental behavior disorders. The resulting behaviors interfere with aspects of daily living. People with autism tend to display repetitive, often disruptive behaviors and have difficulty with communications and social interactions. Signs and symptoms typically manifest when a child is 2 to 3 years old. Autism is defined as a spectrum disorder because there are a wide range of symptoms that may be present on a case-by-case basis. The autism spectrum has variable levels of functionality. Early diagnosis, assessment and intervention can have a great impact on helping your child.

Autism symptoms are wide-ranging and affect language and social skills. Children with autism generally have difficulty with social interactions and struggle to express themselves, both verbally and nonverbally. They may also engage in repetitive behaviors, such as rocking, twirling, hand-flapping, and repeating sounds or words.

If you or your pediatrician are concerned that your child might have autism, make an appointment with a developmental pediatrician or set up a psychological or neurological evaluation with a specialist. Once you have received a confirmed autism diagnosis, please call our offices and we can arrange for one of our behavioral experts to conduct an assessment, in order to identify your child’s skills and deficits. Following this evaluation, we will create an individualized therapeutic program.

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific discipline focusing on meaningful changes in behavior through the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of social and other environmental modifications. ABA therapy is a common therapy for individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum. It uses various techniques to increase useful behavior and make learning enjoyable, while reducing behaviors that can cause harm or interfere with development. ABA is outcomes-based, clinically focused and can be used to foster both basic skills—such as engaging in social activities, listening and following instructions—and more complex abilities.

ABA therapy is a common therapy for individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Proud Moments offers ABA therapy services for children from infancy through 21 years of age. Our services are covered by commercial health insurance.

Once your child has a diagnosis of autism, we can get started quickly and, in most locations, are able to operate efficiently and with no waitlist. Our therapists can work at your location of choice—at home, at school or in one of our clinics. Our services are offered year-round and can be available after school, nights and weekends, as needed.

Care is delivered by a team of expert BCBA/LBAs and Behavior Technicians. When building your Proud Moments care team, we do our best to match the specific needs of your child and your family.

Proud Moments ABA therapy is covered by commercial health insurance and in some states by Medicaid. We participate in-network with many insurance companies, and out-of-network with some others. Your financial responsibility is dependent upon your state of residence and your specific insurance plan. Please call our office to discuss any insurance-related questions. We are happy to work with you to discuss eligibility and help resolve basic insurance or financial matters.

Proud Moments ABA therapy services are covered by health insurance, not the Department of Education. We are not affiliated with or affected by Board of Education services.

At Proud Moments, we are committed to partnering to provide continual support for parents. In order to help your child and family on the path to success, we will frequently connect with other care providers to ensure that everyone is aligned on treatment goals and progress.

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