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Proud Moments is a behavioral health agency that was created to help children with autism learn, grow, and reach their potential.

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We accept most major insurance companies and plans. To find out whether we accept your insurance, see our list of providers or give us a call.

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We’re here to make this process simpler for you. If you have questions about autism or Proud Moments, check out our FAQs or get in touch.

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Proud Moments is a behavioral health agency.

We work with children who are on the autism spectrum to improve their
social, behavioral, and communication skills.

ASD stands for autism spectrum disorder. People who are diagnosed with ASD have one or more brain disorders that interfere, in varying degrees, with their daily living.

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Children with autism have difficulties interacting socially and expressing themselves both verbally and nonverbally. They may also engage in repetitive behaviors, such as rocking, twirling, hand-flapping, and repeating sounds or words.

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If you’re concerned, you should bring your child to a developmental pediatrician or set up a psychological or neurological evaluation. Once you have a confirmed diagnosis, you can bring your child in and our behavioral experts will conduct an assessment, determine your child’s skill deficits, and plan a program accordingly.

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Any time I call Proud Moments with a question about my son’s autism, I get a prompt answer from whoever answers the phone. It’s such a relief to know I can rely on their professionalism and expertise!
Jay B.
I didn’t know the first thing about autism when my kid was diagnosed with ASD. The moment we found Proud Moments, my husband and I felt we could breathe again.
Jessica R.

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