A Brighter Future for your Child

At Proud Moments ABA, we help you navigate the world of autism and therapeutic solutions.

Functional Assessment

Licensed Behavior Analysts assess your child, applying various techniques and strategies to identify important behavioral and social areas for development, and design an individualized treatment plan.

ABA Therapy

Applied behavior analysis is an evidence-based approach that has proven successful in helping children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Our BCBA/LBAs implement individualized behavior plans to reduce problem behaviors and improve functional communication and adaptive learning skills, involving family in the therapy process via parent training and sibling interaction.

Social Skills Group

Led by an ABA therapist, our onsite social skills groups teach children to understand social minds, demonstrating how their behavior affects those around them and teaching perspective taking, conversation and play skills, and appropriate peer interaction.

Parent Training

As a parent, your insight and support in your child’s journey will play a critical role in his success.  From the creation to the implementation of the treatment plan, we involve, guide, and offer vital support every step of the way.


To maximize your child’s progress, our team conducts ongoing data-based evaluations, driven by direct observation and feedback from teachers, therapists, and parents, enabling a review of treatment effectiveness and incorporating program modifications to ensure continued growth.

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