What is Autism?

Autism and autism spectrum disorder (otherwise known as ASD) are general terms for a range of neurodevelopmental disorders that interfere with daily living. People with autism tend to display repetitive behaviors and have difficulty communicating and interacting socially, with clear signs and symptoms manifesting when a child is 2-3 years old. Although autism is a serious disorder, early intervention can have a great impact on helping your child.



What are some of the symptoms?

Some children with ASD are higher functioning than others, in terms of language or social skills, but children with autism generally have difficulty with social interactions and struggle to express themselves, both verbally and nonverbally. They may also engage in repetitive behaviors, such as rocking, twirling, hand-flapping, and repeating sounds or words.

I’m concerned my child may be autistic. What do I do?

Make an appointment with a developmental pediatrician or set up a psychological or neurological evaluation. Once you have a confirmed autism diagnosis, our behavioral experts will conduct an assessment, determine your child’s skill deficits, and create a therapeutic program.

What is the eligibility age range for your services?

Proud Moments ABA treats children from birth through 21 years of age.

Does behavioral therapy affect Board of Education services?

No, services available via the Board of Education aren’t affected by insurance-based services.

Where do your services take place?

Our BCBA/LBAs will work with your child at the location of your choice, whether at school, home, or our facilities.

Do you offer therapy year round?

Yes, Proud Moments ABA operates throughout the entire year. We can even send a BCBA/LBA along with your child to your vacation location.

Am I responsible for copays, coinsurance, and/or deductibles?

Your responsibility is dependent upon your specific insurance plan.  Please call our office to discuss any insurance-related questions.  Proud Moments is happy to work with you to help resolve any insurance or financial complications.

If dissatisfied, can we change team members?

Of course!  At Proud Moments ABA, we are dedicated to providing paramount services. Please bring us any concerns immediately so that we can better serve you and your child.

Still have questions?

If you don’t see an answer to your question on this page, or if you’d like anything clarified, please feel free to call our office or send us a message.


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