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A Smile for Every Day

“Thanks to his therapists, my son has made incredible strides.”

“My son’s devoted therapists have worked with him on a daily basis and his progress is really unbelievable.”

The Queens/LI Collection:


Chaya Mitzmann

Senior Advocate


Sophy Sokolin


Michal Katz


Channa Silverman



BCBA: 45


Behavior Technicians: Over 100

“I am so incredibly thankful to Proud Moments for helping my daughter reach her full potential and for their continued effort and support.”

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A haven for all, our office is a supportive, welcoming place for parents and children.  We serve as advocates and solution seekers, creating an atmosphere of positivity and hope.  With lots of great energy, we bring fun into the work, motivating your child with love. Our popular social skills group offers children a chance to build a unique set of skills in an environment of skilled and caring support.  Though our office has grown over the years, enabling us to serve more and more families, each child and family receive the finest individual care. And whether it’s a BCBA off to supervise, a tech on her way to guide, or a child after receiving care, there’s always a smile for every day.

Regional DIRECTOR:

Shira Friedman

I received my undergrad degree in Business Management and my Masters in Social Work. Before joining Proud Moments, I worked with the geriatric population, serving as the director of an assisted living home.  In May of 2018, I became the Director of Long Island and Queens, NY.  I also help manage the North Jersey office.  Our motivated, dedicated teams have really helped us to scale and grow- which means we can help more children! 


How I Lead:


My Passion: I love my job.  I love being able to help so many families- my community! It’s very fulfilling. 


My Skills: I’m really good at listening and problem solving: with families, the BCBAs out in the field or my team in the office.  I keep my finger on the pulse, so I really know what’s going on.

My Favorite Saying: “I don’t care what system you have, have a system!”


How I Motivate: I try to lead by example! I work on staying very positive and appreciative, and am always available to help.


A Peek Inside

When my son was 5, he had severe aggression and behavioral issues that really disrupted our entire family life.  The whole house always revolved around him because he was so explosive.


He began working with an amazing ABA therapist, and within 3 months, his behaviors were under control! Not perfect, but under control.  And this meant we could start working on other issues and areas were he needed help, like communication and social interactions (he had no friends).


Now, he is thriving in school. Last year, he was out of the classroom 50% of day.  This year, he is in class 99% of day, behaving beautifully.  His new teachers don’t even know what the fuss is all about! He is making friends, socializing appropriately, and playing nicely with others- and able to learn.

My house can function.  We can play a family game and go on trips.  We can even just go to Target and not be afraid of a meltdown. (Before, my kids never wanted to go out- they were always embarrassed of their brother).

The BCBA also provided us with parent training and gave us tools and a lot of support on weekly basis.  I am so thankful to Proud Moments.

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The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) has awarded Proud Moments with an Award of Distinction, recognizing the organization as a top behavioral service provider in the country. The award celebrates exceptional special needs providers that excel in the areas of clinical quality, staff satisfaction, and qualifications and consumer satisfaction.

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