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"Everyone is so wonderful at Proud Moments- I don’t know what we would do without this program!"

I really appreciate my child's team. Her language is finally progressing. We’re so excited!"

The Syracuse Squad:


Hilary Marketta

Clinical Director


Andrea Durand

Administrative Assistant




Behavior Technicians: 30

I tell everyone about Proud Moments. It has helped our family so much."

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7767 Oswego Road
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Step into the warm and happy halls of this family friendly, center based Proud Moments branch. Since 2016, the Syracuse team has been steadily growing, helping more and more clients with our positive, cheerful vibe. Kids love to come to our center, and parents are happy to drop them off, knowing they will be well cared for in our homey, upbeat atmosphere, where good things happen every day. With deeply dedicated support, children achieve new milestones and build key relationships. Taking the time to get to know each family’s needs, we listen to our families and focus on priorities, making life better.



Bobbi Rogers

For 15 years, I have worked in the nonprofit industry, running an organization that provided services for families of children with autism, before joining Proud Moments in 2016 to serve as the director of the brand new Syracuse branch. As a parent of a child with a developmental disability, I have an intimate understanding of the journey, its challenges and its rewards.


How I Lead:

My Team: We place a heavy emphasis on reviewing treatment plans and tracking progress. The work that we do is challenging, but when we focus on the meaning behind it, our team stays motivated and fresh: We’re changing lives!


My Passion: I love watching our kids learn new things- and seeing the family’s excitement at each milestone! Our center based location means that we get to see change happening in real time, and we can all celebrate it together!


My Goal: Providing easier access to better services.


My Role Models: Parents! Their belief in their child is the most inspiring thing. Really listening to parents gives you a new insight into each child and always makes you better at what you do.


A Peek Inside

The team at Proud Moments has saved our family. Our son was diagnosed on the spectrum at 4 years old, 4 months before Kindergarten. I was given a pamphlet explaining Autism, a list of books- and then sent on my way. It was a frustrating time for our family. I didn’t even know that services like ABA existed.


Kindergarten was an extremely tough year. I spent lots of nights trying to work with my little guy to help him through some of the basics of kindergarten. We found Proud Moments through a local nonprofit, started the summer before 1st grade, and watched our son grow. I was able to just be his mom again and work with trained professionals on goals and programs to help him learn various life skills.


ABA therapy is a huge commitment of time and resources but something that has such a profound impact on my son’s life. He is becoming more independent with the help of his awesome paraprofessionals, Angelina and Mary, and his fantastic BCBA Mandy. We look forward to the challenges ahead because we know the dedicated team at Proud Moments has our back.

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The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) has awarded Proud Moments with an Award of Distinction, recognizing the organization as a top behavioral service provider in the country. The award celebrates exceptional special needs providers that excel in the areas of clinical quality, staff satisfaction, and qualifications and consumer satisfaction.

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