Our Process.


At Proud Moments ABA, our process guides your child directly down the path of success.  Our goal is to help you feel taken care of, down to the very last detail, serving as your true partners in promoting your child’s growth and development.

  1. Request Intake: An intake coordinator will discuss your concerns and record all necessary information.  (Please download an intake package here to begin the process.)  Proud Moments ABA will then contact your insurance company to receive authorization for assessment/treatment of your child.
  2. Assessment with BCBA/LBA: A caring and qualified BCBA/LBA will assess your child and create a personalized treatment plan, taking into account family needs, school situation, and your child’s particular skill set.
  3. Processing: The treatment plan will be submitted to our assessment department and ongoing authorization for treatment will be requested from your insurance provider.
  4. Your Team:  A BCBA/LBA and ABA therapist will be paired with your child to oversee


  1. Therapy Management by BCBA/LBA: Your child’s BCBA/LBA will design a customized treatment plan. Once implemented, the BCBA/LBA will monitor progress, updating and adjusting the plan as needed to further goals.
  2. Parent Training: Proud Moments ABA provides weekly parent training, as well as direct supervision of child and behavioral techniques utilized in the home.
  3. Gold Standard of Care: All BCBA/LBAs are monitored by a senior clinical supervisor to ensure clients are receiving Proud Moments ABA’s gold standard of care.


Our process guides your child directly down the path of success…

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