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As a parent, finding out that your child falls anywhere on the autism spectrum can be a terrifying and overwhelming experience.  All parents want their children to succeed in life and the stamp of autism seems to cut off so many opportunities and experiences.  But it doesn’t have to be the end of hope, learning, or enjoyment.  With expert, caring ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), a proven method that utilizes the understanding of how behavior develops and is influenced, your child can achieve monumental goals in academics, social skills, and life beyond.

ABA uses various techniques to increase useful behavior and make learning enjoyable, while reducing behaviors that cause harm or interfere with development. ABA has been utilized since the 1960’s and has dramatically increased the productivity and happiness of many autistic children and adults. ABA can be used to foster basic skills, such as engaging in social activities, listening and following instructions, to more complex abilities, like reading or conversing.

At Proud Moments ABA, our experienced, compassionate ABA therapists offer a unique, personalized approach to helping each child succeed.  No one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter plan of action is even considered at our center, as each child brings a distinctive set of sensitivities, abilities, and preferences to the therapy experience.    Designed and monitored by a BCBA/LBA (Board Certified Behavior Analysts/ Licensed Behavior Analyst), your child’s customized ABA plan will include appropriate short and long term treatment goals, with ongoing assessments and adjustments as your child progresses.  We combine positive consequences with environment modification to minimize problem behaviors, while simultaneously teaching your child vital skills and behaviors to appropriately meet his or her needs. As your family is a critical part of your child’s environment, Proud Moments ABA also provides parents and siblings with training and support.

Together, we can help your child learn, grow, and succeed.


Our experienced, compassionate ABA therapists offer a unique, personalized approach to helping each child succeed.

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